Little Fun

Whoever said good things come in small packages probably never went to see midget wrestling.

Looking for something a little offbeat, I went to last night’s Micro Wrestling Federation ‘performance’ with a high expectations, curious to see why little people would wrestle and why people would want to watch it. The short answers: for the money, and for the entertainment value. There was a lot of selling and precious little wrestling. I really hoped there would be some redeeming quality to the event and people weren’t just showing up to stare at the little guys.

What was I thinking?

Okay, let me back up a little. I know it’s not real — that’s not what I was looking for. But when you’re charging people 15 bucks at the door, is it too much to expect better (or even some) choreography to the fight? Plot twists? Maybe not taking a half-hour break in the middle to let people take their pictures with the midgets (for another 10 bucks!).

I guess there are only so many fight combinations you can have with only four wrestlers. It kind of takes away from the suspension of disbelief when the guy you just beat up in a grueling match, is now your tag-team buddy in the next match.

Maybe I’m being too critical. The fans seemed to have fun. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t drunk. Maybe because I wasn’t there with a bunch of friends. I watched these preening ‘athletes’ play to the crowd while putting on a sub-par show, seemingly in it only for the money. Hmmm. Maybe they’re not too different from our mainstream sports stars after all!

Come on, guys. Next time, show a little effort. At least try to make it believable. I really don’t like feeling like a gawker.

After the fight "J-Mazing" - a former Chippendales midget - danced for the ladies.