Playing Mantis

I found this little guy hitching a ride on my windshield. I brought him home and let him just kinda explore the dining room. His name is Zorak.

All photos taken with a hacked, pre-AI Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 lens on a D700 and off-camera flash (on most). I’m pretty sure the lens is older than me. On some photos, the micro lens is paired with a Nikon PK-12 extension tube.

I love macro photography, but honestly don’t have the patience to be good at it. Here’s my take on what you need for good macro photography:

  • A good macro lens (Got one!)
  • A sturdy tripod (Um, I think I threw mine away)
  • The desire to set up the tripod (See above)
  • A controlled environment (Yeah, that’s not me.)

Well, one out of four ain’t bad!

Wait, actually it is.

Right after I took this photo, he jumped off the table. I looked all over the floor and the rug, trying not to move so that I wouldn’t crush him on accident. After about a minute of looking I gave up and when I went to set my camera down, realized he was on my hand the entire time!

He did that a lot. He must like the taste of his feet.

At this point, he was posturing like he wanted to fight me, so I let him go in the back yard. Maybe he'll find a mate who'll eat his head.


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