The Road Less Traveled

I remember as a kid when we’d be coming home from somewhere, my dad would often take a different route through the neighborhood. I was always in a hurry to get home, so it was a bit frustrating as we drove down streets that was only extending our trip. But I think he just wanted to see something different. After driving the same route day after day, year after year, it’s good to see something different. It’s a good exercise. We drive by the same things every day, we become visually numb to our surroundings.

These days, I’m often still in a hurry to get to a photo shoot, so I take the shortest, fastest way possible. But, when the situation allows, I like to take the long way home. You get to see something a bit different out the windows, and it’s a nice change of pace from zooming by everything at 80 mph on the highway. It’s amazing how different things look when you just change your pace a little bit.

I was returning from an assignment in Shiner, Texas last week when I decided to take the ‘road less traveled.’ I love driving through the country, especially as the late afternoon bleeds into evening. I didn’t have anywhere else I needed to be, so this was the perfect opportunity to explore. I saw horses!


One response

  1. That’s one beautiful blog post, both in terms of photography and sentiment. Inspiring, really.

    August 8, 2010 at 6:18 am

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