A new twist

This post is is a little different than others I have done. I guess you’d call this my first “iBlog” as all the content has been created and edited on the iPhone and iPad.
iPhone photos are nothing new. Plenty of professional and amateur photographers have filled blog posts and flickr accounts with photos from their phones.
So, why am I doing one now? I guess the best answer I can come up with is “why not?” If the technology is there, you might as well use it.
I love the iPhone for the simplicity of taking photos. It strips away the technical aspect of photography and reduces the entire process to how well you see and compose photos. Cell phone cameras are so ubiquitous, why wouldn’t we use them?
I’m not one to usually run out and photograph cloud formations. They’re cool, but it’s not something I would go and get my camera gear for. But, this summer we’ve had some really cool sunsets and storm clouds. Enter the iPhone!
These photos were taken over the last month or so. My workflow was as follows:
-shoot photos on iPhone
-transfer to iPad using Duplicam app.
-color correction on iPad using Filterstorm app
-write this blog post using the WordPress app.

I will say typing this post is taking much longer on the iPad than it would have on a regular sized keyboard. Also, I’m not exactly sure how the blog post will look, as it only shows a basic preview, and not one formatted to the specifics of my blog theme.


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