I’m not a runner. I’ve never understood why people would voluntarily run without being chased. What makes it more mind-boggling is that large groups of people actually pay to run. I’ve gone round after round about this with my wife, who is a runner. We just agree to disagree.

So I was intrigued when she signed up to run in the Chupacabra 10k Headlamp Run. Why would people would run 6.2 miles through the woods, on a dirt trail at night?

I figured since I’d be out there supporting my wife (and the other runners), I might as well take some photos along the way. It would be a good way to exercise my ‘night shooting’ abilities. I was excited about the prospect of shooting in the dark and wanted to try some long exposure shots.
I knew going in the challenges of shooting in nearly pitch black areas. The runners’ head lamps could be a cool source of streaking light, but otherwise would need to illuminate the scene artificially. As I continue to try to carry less and less gear, I decided to take one camera body, a flash and two lenses. No tripod. No elaborate light setup. Not even a camera bag.

About a thousand runners turned out to race, which I would classify more as a fun run. There were no awards at the end, but there was free beer and burgers for the runners. Hmm…maybe that’s why they run.

At the starting line.

Glow sticks!

Runners' head lamps appear as small dots as they run through McAllister Park.

I used a long exposure and timed the shot to capture another photographer's flash.

Glow sticks!


One response

  1. Nina W.

    Nice work!
    “At the starting line” pic is an amazing shot!! It looks like a poster for a film or a movie still. Fantastic image! 🙂

    July 29, 2010 at 8:59 am

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