Good Clean Fun

Peace, Love and Foam.

This is the third year  I’ve photographed Bermuda Triangle’s annual foam party. I won’t bore you with the “trials and tribulations” of  photographing a foam party like I did in last year’s post. (Although, it was a bit of a challenge to make photos unique to this year’s party that don’t look like they could have been shot any other year.)

This year, I got a little closer. After three years I think many of the people there now recognize me and know I’m shooting for the club. It’s a little more relaxed in many ways and allows me to make more personal photos. Yup, for me it’s all about blending in. If a married, straight guy pushing 40 and carrying a couple of cameras can blend in with a club full of scantily-clad girls dancing and making out with each other in a sea of foam, then by God, all is right in the world. (But don’t tell my wife — I told her I was shooting a late night chess match at the local church.) I keep telling myself this is a job. This is not the onset of becoming a dirty old man. Yet.

So, all-in-all, I’d say the evening was a success. I didn’t slip and fall. I didn’t destroy my cameras. The client was happy. And perhaps most importantly, I felt less like a gawker than in previous years.

Here are some photos. I’ll spare you the shots of girls making out with each other, because really, who’d want to see that?


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