Dubai, part Deaux

Funny thing about editing photos: Tastes can change from day to day.

I was recently looking through the photos from my layover in Dubai last month, and came away with a different edit than in my original blog post.

It’s not to say I don’t like those previously chosen photos any more, or the edit was “wrong.” But you tend to look at photos a bit differently a week, a month, a year later. With the instant gratification of digital cameras, we  initially see the photos still caught up in the emotion of the moment. Again, nothing wrong with that. But later, we look at the photos with a bit more of an objective eye.

When I made my “A Night in Dubai” blog post, I was going on about 30 hours without sleep, having just stepped off a plane and into a country I’ve never  been. I was also working on a ‘deadline’ to post the blog before heading back to the airport. I didn’t really look at the photos again until recently. Whereas my first edit showed a vibrant Dubai, when I looked again I found a darker, more gritty vibe.

Here’s my addendum:

Lots of late-night activity.

I didn't see many prostitutes, but the ones I saw weren't very shy.

A laborer delivers a couch. At midnight. I followed him thinking he'd be just taking it down the road. Eight blocks later, I let him go.

Dubai reminded me of Kuwait in many ways (as it should, I guess). The public labor force – men who come from all over the world to work. Many, if not most, wear blue shirts or jumpsuits with “LABORER” scrawled across the back.

The city doesn't sleep, but the people do.

This guy wasn't "all there."

I've got a bike... can ride it if you like.

Even the cats stay out late.

This just creeps me out. I dont know if it's the man peering over the kids' heads. Or the idea that superhero costumes are considered fashionable. Or that the Superman outfit comes with a mask.

More superhero fashion. My Spidey senses are tingling.

I should have bought that jacket.


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