NBA Faces

I started shooting this project at the beginning of the basketball season and kind of forgot about it when the San Antonio Spurs’ season ended. Okay, I didn’t really forget. It’s just been on the backburner as I’ve been planning my South Africa World Cup  project.

It’s always been interesting to watch as basketball players make their way to the line for free throw shots. They all have their own routine (or superstition, or habit…). My goal was to capture the players in the moment before they shoot. Some take deep breaths, others size up the basket. Others, it seems, don’t even look up to the basket until they’re halfway into their shot motion.

This is just a sampling. When I have more time, maybe I’ll do a larger set.

Oh, by the way! Now would be a good time to remind you: I’m represented by Zuma Press for my editorial and sports work. They’re cool!


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