Frank and Jennifer

Oh, man. What a great wedding that was. Jennifer and Frank got married in January at the Southwest School of Art and Craft. Not only is Frank a cool guy, he’s my brother-in-law. And he agreed to pay me TWICE my going rate! (No, not really.)

Shooting weddings for family has its own unique set of challenges. I know quite a few photographers who run the other way when asked to photograph them. I totally understand. For one, it can prevent them from enjoying the event as a guest. While everyone else is having fun, they are at work. There can also be certain expectations from both sides, and nobody wants to ask a family member to sign a contract, etc. Then, there is the issue of how you monetize it. Do you charge them? Do you cut a deal? What if the family expects more from you? There is potential for a lot of hurt feelings.

I choose to focus on the rewarding aspects of the ‘job.’

We all have talents and gifts that we bring to the family unit. We rely on each other for help and nobody even gives a thought about the cost, or ‘what ifs.’ It’s what we do. Whether we are dentists, auto mechanics, engineers, etc. We’ve all given away thousands of dollars worth of help and advice because we can. Let’s call it sharing a gift.

It’s a healthy practice. It reaffirms that, on some level, what we do, we don’t do just for the money. We do it as a service. To bring happiness to others. To help them in difficult situations. To make sure our gifts and talents aren’t squandered. Sure, we have to make a living at it. But when the opportunity arises, it’s quite liberating to offer your services without the ‘money issue’ hanging over it.

I have a large family and it ensures I’ll have plenty of opportunities to be magnanimous for years to come. That’s fine. They’re my favorite subjects.

Well, I didn’t really mean to get all philosophical and what-not. I just wanted to show you these photos!


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