Getting to Know You…


Ruby and Mark are getting married in less than a month(!). In September, we ventured to the Japanese Tea Gardens for a little engagement portrait shooting.

We spent a fair amount of time making the more traditional photos around the ponds, waterfalls and foliage. As we were finishing our shoot, Ruby said “Hey, I know something we can do that’ll make a cool photo!”  She promptly removed her heels, bent forward and Mark jumped on her back, as if taking off in flight. In that short moment, we created wonderfully unique photos to capture their personalities.

I love engagement sessions. They’re relaxed and fun, and, when all goes right, we get to learn a little about each other’s personality, temperament and habits. I often call it a date for three. The shoots usually start off a little awkward as the couple are a bit self-conscious having so many photos taken , but by the end, they’re just being themselves, almost forgetting I’m there.

I can’t wait to see what kind of spontaneity Ruby and Mark have in store for the wedding!


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