The Sportrait

Jordan JohnThe Sportrait. Photographer slang for a sport portrait.

I photographed Corpus Christ Calallen pitcher Jordan John for USA Today’s All-USA baseball team. John was 13-0 with a 0.26 ERA, 145 strikeouts and 19 walks in 82 innings pitched. I guess that’s pretty good!

I drove down and met him at the high school baseball stadium, where there happened to be a baseball clinic going on that day. Oops. Next up, I found out we couldn’t do any photos of him throwing, as he’s waiting to undergo Tommy John surgery. Oops again.

We ended up trying a few photos in the dugout until the field cleared, then did a few posed shots on the pitchers’ mound. Jordan was patient and gracious the entire time as I experimented with him on a couple of shots.

I think I like this one from the dugout the best. USA Today went with another one. To-may-to, To-mah-to.

Check out all the All-Stars here.


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