Don’t Forget the Dice!

Things to remember on your wedding day:

  • – Rings
  • – Vows
  • – Dice

David and Kim were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Witte. It was elegant, without being over-the-top. I visited with them before the wedding and we decided it would be best to do as many of the group shots before the ceremony, saving plenty of time to party afterward. While shooting the groomsmen, David reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of dice. He had an envisioned a photo well before the big day, where he and his groomsmen were shooting craps just before the ceremony. Just as amazing as coming up with the idea ahead of time, he actually had the presence of mind to remember  the dice on the big day. We added Kim to the photo and came up with a unique, fun picture that stood out from all the rest.


It’s not too surprising, though. David and Kim were on top of things from the beginning. There was no last-minute panic, no late start, and everything went off without a snag. I really don’t think I’ve been to a wedding that went as smoothly!

So, take a lesson from Kim and David. Next time you get married, think of a fun portrait you can do that expresses your interests. And don’t forget the dice!


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