Earth, Sea and Sky

crDecember, 2002

Costa Rica

My wife and I spent two weeks driving unmarked, cobblestone and dirt roads, visiting an unspoiled, beautiful paradise of a country. It was there we saw first-hand the “other” side of coffee: farmers and their children picking ripe cherries in the fields; beans being pulped, washed and dried on huge concrete patios, then bagged for export.

More than all that, Costa Rica was our “Last Hurrah” of sorts. Our last big trip before I would travel overseas for work. Three quick months afte Costa Rica, I was riding through a desert in the back of an armored vehicle, embedded with the Army and covering the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Often during the war, my mind would think back to Costa Rica and marvel at how completely opposite and starkly contrasted our planet can be, and how quickly I went from paradise to hell.


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